2 x TB VESC v4.12 (Unused and Unopened) $180 for both


I just purchased and received 2 of the Torqueboard VESCs collections/esc-speed-controller/products/torque-esc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller

they just arrived last week and they are completely new, haven’t been opened. I decided to upgrade to a more expensive VESC so I have to sell these.

Asking for $180 for both of them. Rather sell locally or ship to US or Canada

I’m in Toronto, Canada but should be easy to ship to the US and I would ship within a day or the same day.



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How much are you asking?

@Trdolan03 At this point I’m willing to sell them slightly bellow cost, let’s say $90 each.

What about $200AUD shipped to Aus?

They are actually better than their reputation Consider keeping them

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I would like to buy one if it’s still available. I’m in Vancouver, Canada.

Still available

Sorry, I will try to sell close to the $99.99 price and if I can’t i rather keep them

So what would be your total price including shipping for both?

I don’t think I can ship to Australia and make this worth it, looked it up just now and it’s too expensive. Sorry.

Just added the price in the main title/post, $180 for both.

im interesed but im from mexico i need one vesc