20S6P NESE modules

Putting this here in case someone does bikes too :slight_smile: I have 20S6P kit that was intended for my cargo bike. Driven 200 meters and crappy BMS drained my cells dry over winter. I am building new one, only larger. Modules are in bright red color and include everything to build 20S6P battery pack. Very easy to build and even easier to take apart to swap cells. The kit is reusable and can serve for a lifetime of human. List: 20 6P modules (bright red) 19 series bus bars 19 twin bolt caps (blue) 2 single bolt cap (orange/blue)

50% off of the retail Price, 150EUR includes world wide shipping.

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what esc can you use on 20s :joy:

I mean 10s12p is a hell of a good pack if you got the room

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PM sent 10 char

Pending sale

Interested. PM sent

Funny :slight_smile: How sbout this motherchucker: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Flier-16S-20S-22S-brushless-car-ESC-380A-speed-controller/32786233105.html

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You can alway have half in a backpack :joy:

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The item is now sold to Excess. Thank you all


Name checks out lol. Fast sale!

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I have some brand new modules from older design. Works fine. Was meant to reduce weight. 10S6P. Includes modules only. 40% off. 80eur including shipping. @Cuprani has first hand at this.


holy shit i didnt even know that thing existed

@AlanZhou Is the next step for you 20s?

maybe if someone finds a esc that is suitable

I cant tell if your being serious or not :rofl:

serious :rofl:


Don’t have anything that can be made into 12S2P or 12S3P on sale do you?

Link above. You can go 22s too :smiley:

I will be cutting down price on 2P and 2S2P modules by 20% shortly. Its permanent reduction.

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Thanks, but these are for another buyer. I was only interested in the 20S6P module, although I preferred a 20S8P module :slight_smile: