22" mini cruiser Arc Board clone | 5065 140KV | 8S 6Ah LiPo | 83mm wheels | VESC

Hi everyone,

I’ve been lurking for a while, reading up and I think I’m ready to post.

I have an Evolve Bamboo GT which is great, but that thing is really not meant to be portable. I would LOVE the yet-to-be-released Arc Board as a second board. Super small, super light, easy to fit under your your arm or in a backpack. I would probably buy one if it were available but I don’t want to wait until at least April when international orders will start to be filled. And as we know, there’s a pretty good chance that it’ll be delayed. Also, if something breaks and it’s DIY, I can fix it. Not so easy with a board that comes from Singapore.

I really want to imitate rip off their design as much as possible, including the 22" x 7.7" chubby deck and 6" trucks and 3.5kg (7.7lb) weight

Anyway, I have a spare 5065 140KV motor with a 15 teeth pulley which I would like to use to save a little money. Also, I’m into RC planes and drones so have a pretty good balance charger.

With that as a starting point, I would like to have a 15km (~10mi) range MAX and a 20km/h - 25km/h (~12mph - 15mph) top speed. I would like it to have enough torque to pull 80kg (175lb) up a 15%-20% incline.

I’m thinking of using 83mm wheels although I would prefer 76mm.

So it would be great if you could help me figure out the following:

  1. Will a 32T or even a 38T pulley + belt fit on a 76mm wheel?
  2. Will 2 x 4S 3Ah (6Ah total) LiPo packs connected in series give me the range and torque I would like?
  3. Where could I get a 22"x 7" or 22" x 8" deck with a kicktail?
  4. Where can I get 6" trucks and will available motor mounts fit?
  5. Will 52mm wide wheels with a 63mm motor fit on a 6" truck?
  6. If not, what wheels could I use?
  7. Finally, will this setup as a whole make sense or have I got it completely wrong!?

I hope these questions aren’t too n00bish.

Please let me know what you think.

Thanks for your help!


Over a hundred views and no love? )-:

I like the idea, if I get the opportunity I’ll try to make a similar one. :slight_smile: Unfortunately I can’t help you about your questions, but you should get the range you’re looking for, with 8s 6000mAh, it should be about 170Wh, that equates to 17 km The motor is not that big, but if you’re not too heavy it should be ok, 140kv should give you good torque, and since speed is not what you’re looking for, you should be alright. I’ve never seen a 76mm wheels build though

first off. where did you find 140kv 5065’s?

now for wheels. 76mm flywheels should work. but I would say 80/83mm + are better. for Deck I would use something a bit bigger like this 26" bamboo Deck

But there aren’t many small truck options. easy way would be to use caliber 2 160mm trucks.

all that said, if you can wait a few weeks, I may have a complete solution that takes care of all of this. :sunglasses:

Thanks guys. I’ve found a deck I really like. It’s 25" x 7".


Saul, what’s the complete solution you’ll have? Also whereabouts are you. I’m in Australia so shipping becomes a problem and makes things real pricey.

This is the link to the motor:

I’m still hoping someone will be able to answer my other questions though.

We even had a thread about this:

That deck looks nice too, I think they just cut an inch off the tail from the bamboo 26".

I’m in Los angeles, I might be able to do direct shipping. but it looks like it will take a bit longer than I was hoping for…we’ll see.

and yea I remembered that motor right after I asked lol

The deck is a bit different. The 26" is more pointy at the front. The 25" is a bit fatter at the front and seems to taper off less staying wide for more of the length. I’m thinking that’ll work better as there’ll be more room for the electronics/battery. I could be totally wrong though. Just going by the pictures.

Also, let’s say that I wanted to have a top speed of 13mph with lots of torque. What drivetrain setup should I have and running at what voltage? Is it better to have really low KV running at a higher voltage, or higher KV running at a lower voltage?

well this is the 26" compared to a super cheap 22"(penny size). the penny is scary to ride, only space for one foot! The 26 has 83mm flywheel clones and they fit with the stock spacers 1/2". not motor, just leds for fun.

I found that its better to aim a bit high on speed and then just ride slower. so you’re not pushing your motor to the max at all times.

You can get the same performance either way, just find the right battery/motor/gearing/wheel combo.