22mph maytech/meepo board

A 4.4 1.5 meepo battery and maytech esc and replaceable 90mm may tech hub motors

images-214v-6ah主图2018-01-19-09-09-54- im selling at a low price

is this an ad?

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looks like it

where are the links :rofl:

He is too new to the forums to link is my assumption. But I think he is talking about an amazon board. I will not even mention the boards name because then it would be advertising.

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This isn’t a add this is my board I’m trying to sell I added the other pics to show you the parts I bought to make it

I’m new to the website and I’m having problems posting stuff

Did you see the pics

Yeah some dumb ass flagged this:


Better be careful not to advertise…


who the fuck…

This forum is a proggressive forum. IE the more time you spend here and the more posts you do the more privaliges you get.

I do not see any pictures. You might have to spend more time on the sight to post pics.

the pics were there for a minute then disappeared

Do you see it now

Yup see it now. Just an FYI people will be curious about these questions: how much are you charging? Are there any issues? Why are you selling?

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