23T & 29T Boardbumpers Drive Gears with 107 mm wheels

Has anyone tried these drive gears on an evolve? I have a bamboo GTX with the 107 mm wheels and the 32T drive gears. I’ve gotten the board up to 26 mph but with these two gears I could potentially get it up to 29 mph (29T) or 37 mph (23T). I know I would have less torque but that’s not the point. I want me some speed!

What about a bigger motor pulley instead?

Would a bigger wheel pulley put less stress on motors then either of these drive gears? I have the 58T drive gears for my AT wheels which added top speed but I lost some range and motors are a lot hotter after a ride. That’s the only reason I haven’t bought these gears yet.

What wheel pulleys would you recommend that will work with my board?

Just remember this will lower your torque all around meaning you won’t have strong brakes and that’s kinda important if you are going 30+mph


not wheel pulley, motor pulley

Motor pulley right sorry.

Good point on the brakes.

Another issue, I ride primarily on bike trails with numerous cross walks so there’s only a few spots I can even get up to 26 mph before I have to start braking. Maybe keeping it as it is would be best. I was just curious if anyone had tried them.

29T wouldn’t be that much different than 32T so maybe I’ll try that one eventually unless there’s a different motor pulley that would work better.

Basically it goes more or less like this (examples): the closest motor/wheel pulleys ratios are from each other (20T - 32T) the fastest you go with negligible torque; the farthest apart motor/wheel pulley ratios are from each other (15T - 50T) the torquiest you’ll get with decent speed.