24/36V ESC Substitute for Noob Build

Hi All,

Short term lurker here! Post number one, could not find more specifics around this product using the search function. Turning my longboard into an Esk8 on a bit of a budget. This particular component looks ok for my needs:

  • Max Speed: 20MPH
  • Range: 10 Miles
  • Rider Weight: 180 pounds
  • Terrain: smooth concrete/brick with slight hills
  • Occasional weekend rider
  • Single Motor Belt Driven

My primary question is around the max amp rating of the ESC. On-site specs indicate between 10 and 15 amps max typically. However if I go 6s this limits me in theory to 350w motor… (350w/24v) Surely this is not the case? Does anyone have experience using these? What have I missed?

Examples of similar product:

Thanks in advance.

With a lower voltage battery a low current rating will limit the max power.

With a 10 amp limit at 24 volts you wont even break 250 watts.

High current at low voltage also chews through battery capacity in a hurry. Go for as high a voltage as you can.

Thank you for the quick response. Even at 36 volts (limit with this esc) I will not achieve my target of 20MPH I forgot to mention that planned build incorporates motor mount/belt drive.

I read a previous reply where someone suggested using RC Car/Truck ESC from 1/8 or 1/5 scale units. Possibly like the below? I will spend some more time reading up on the ESC forum.

A VESC is not really a huge splurge in the grand scheme of things.

The ESC is the heart of an electric skateboard and being able to configure it to your riding style makes for a way better experience.

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Agreed, reading through so many posts working from my own limited experience it seems this is a component I don’t working out of budget for. I will read up a bit more later this evening, for now a quick search returns this unit which would allow for 1800w motor running a 36v system.

I am aware this is not a VESC:) Any suggestions would be welcome, I have a Flipsky FS-GT2 remote

That is a VESC.

VESC is a trademarked name so companies that make clones have to say they are compatible but cannot call there device a VESC.

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36v can definitely get you past 20mph.

I have a 36v board that is geared to 26mph on 5065 200kv racerstars.

I have one of those “esc substitutes” that I never used, if you want something cheap and fast. These are good for budget builds since it includes the remote and power switch, things you’ll have to buy with any vesc based esc. Pretty much every prebuilt board runs this esc, and setup is plug and play, no vesctool setup headaches. PM if you’re interested

I have no doubt that 36v can get you past 20mph but seems theoretically unlikely if you can’t exceed a 14amp draw. (ESC Substitute)

I guess what I’m wanting to hear is someone say, ‘I run a 1500w motor on a 36v system on my esc substitute all day long and no issues’. And then include a link:)

Thanks again guys.

I dont know where it was, but looking for info came accross a guys post that did some tests. He changed a certain resistor with a higher value. And replaced the caps for 100v types. And did some tests with different batteries. I think he even tried 16s… the board beeped like mad but still it worked making the 36v rated hubs spin like mad. But that being said he didnt test the board under load.