245kv Motor at 10s?

Hello, I finished building my first electric longboard a little over a month ago, and I built it to run at 10s with a 192kv 6374 sk3. A week or two ago, I was riding the board down a slight incline holding the breaks (I was only going 2 or 3 miles an hour since I was alongside a friend that was walking) and the motor just stopped working. Since then I haven’t been able to get the board working again. I’m not sure if my vesk or my motor, but since the vesc returns no faults and motor detection fails, I’m guessing it’s the sk3. So, I’m currently looking at buying a tacon bigfoot at 245kv since I don’t wanna spend $100 after shipping costs from China, especially if it may not fix my issue. I was wondering if you guys think running a 245kv motor at 10s like this would be problematic since it comes out to around 63k erpm. Any helps appreciated, thanks guys!

You could always limit erpm to 60krpm and that should be fine, however the amp draw would probably go up a fair bit if you don’t your gearing.

I currently have a tacon 245kv and 10s. Its all good however caused me fall of my skateboard for the first time when I hit the erpm limit. I had it set to 60k but my fall could have been bad so I took it off. Lucky I fell safely. Just try not to go over 32 mph and you will love the set up. 34mph I believe is when you will pass 60k erpm.

This is why you do not check “limit erpm with negative torque”

Wait that’s that lol? All I remember is setting the limit to 60k and configuring. I set it back to 100k after. Would rather blow the drv than risking falling off.

I am switching to duel direct drives soon anyways so Ill be down with erpm. I have access to a lathe and cnc now. Hope to finish them by next wheel now that I have a week break from school. I still waiting on my stinking bearings from china though also my pay check so I can get a second focbox.

I don’t plan on going over 30 anyways lol so I’m guessing it should be fine, thanks for the advice!