27" Mini Cruiser single hub. $220 shipped Group buy!

Found a new mini board with a single hub motor. reminds me of the blink lite. Its small, and cheap Interested in testing it out if a few others would like to split shipping costs for a small gb.

Specs: 7 ply Maple deck 27" with kicktail. 10-12 mph 7 mile range (I expect 3-4) single 70mm 300w hub motor with hall sensors. tkp skate trucks 24v 2.2ah = about 50whr 1.5 hour charge time. 4kg = 8.8 lb

$220 Shipped in the US. or $200 + shipping. just need a few to make shipping worth it, sooner the better! after I place the order it should take about 1 week to get them, then 2-5 days to you. sign up here.

wheels, red, orange, yellow. maybe more.

Do they ha a dual hub motor option?

I’ve seen duals, but they would cost around $350. also much heavier and performance is still just toy level.

I like this because its simple, and lightweight. I don’t think it makes sense to do mini hubs like these for performance.

is this still possible? i’m interested if they’re not total junk for a super lightweight around the block option