270 kv motor with an 8s battery

i was just wandering if its safe to use 270kv motor with an 8s battery because the motor might stop working when im going full throttle due to a really high rpm

You can use any kv with any battery. You only run into problems with the VESC because there is an erpm limit. I think 270kv on 8s is too high, just limit the erpm to 60,000 (I think that’s it, I’d have a pro confirm tho)

cheers bro ill just use a 230kv

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60000erpm/7=8571 rpm 8s x 4.2v= 33.6v 8571/33.6=255kv 230kv or 245kv would work.

230kv @ 8s purrs! One of my favorite set-ups