270kv motor from ebay.. any good?

Hi I looked on ebay and found this motor: http://www.ebay.com/itm/N5065-270KV-1665W-High-Efficiency-Brushless-Motor-for-DIY-Electric-Skate-Board-/311768886059?hash=item4896dfab2b

Have anyone tried using this motor for a build ? Im thinking of buying this as my second motor alongside my 200kv alien power system motor…

But This motor is rated as max 8s, whats sets the limit ? Im using 9S atm…

you can use that motor perhaps on an dual, or a cruiser single. These motors are used before (seems like the same product, just other kV): https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=55266

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This motor will probably not be the strongest on the market due to its size and high kv rating. It will work okay though. Also, you should know that this motor will not fit most standard motor mounts sold i the esk8 comunity. Most mounts is made for 63mm motors. @torqueboards () is selling 50mm motor mounts though.

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it would be fine regardless of kv if you gear it right (if its a way high kv you should lower the voltage)

you can do more voltage than it says assuming the bearings can spin that fast.

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@Hummie speaks the truth. I run 270 kv on 12s and a 4:1 reduction. It works fine. Its not the ideal setup but it does work.

There is no real voltage limit to brushless motors, only the rpm at which the motor will explode or melt its bearings. But seeing as we never go over 10,000 rpm we should be ok. I think most outrunner motors will be ok up to 20,000 rpm so long as they are well balanced.

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I would just make sure the shaft is 8mm. So it will fit common pulleys. The description says 8mm, the drawing says 6mm and one photo says 7mm. Typical!!! China descriptions.

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This looks like Maytech motors FYI.

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I have made my own mount, so no problem :smiley:

HAHA didnt even see that ! :stuck_out_tongue: I run with 3d printed pulleys atm. so should be able to get it to fit :wink: