2nd hand raptor warranty question

Does anyone know, if I purchased a used Raptor Dual 1.0 board from someone here on the forums if the one year warranty is still good(from the date they purchased it)?

If you got the original receipt/order nr, you should be good, as @onloop is quite fair with the warranty on his prebuilt boards. To be sure, ask their support at [email protected] with the details provided. If they tell you it is okay, you also have evidence.

I’ll see if the seller can provide that for me, he’s active on these forums so I think it’ll be no problem.

I talked to Enertion on IM today and they were not sure. They sent a message to the warranty department and will let me know soon. I’ll post here to let everyone know the response.

Well, actually it is his Forum…

I fully understand that

Interesting. Makes sense that it doesnt transfer, but thought they may still honour an issue if within 12 months. They cant really tell if its a fault of new owner etc. in any event most of the issues of V1 batch 1-4 should be rectified now anyway. If its new go for it as youll have to wait till May next year to get the V2

It’s not too abnormal for companies to do this with products, so its understandable. I just thought maybe there was a chance it transferred.

Apple’s warranties are transferable. Warranties should cover the product, not the original buyer. A non-transferable warranty just seems like an easy way for companies to get off the hook and avoid backing up their product…