2nd Round MAD hubs Group Buy + MAD Fury Direct Drive Conversion Kit [EU/US]_Completed

Mad hubs form

Mad Fury form (you need to fill it up both if you want the DD and do not have the motor already). 200 Euro 2WD DD kit, only 10 beta units.

Link to post about MAD Fury DD Kit: 2nd Round MAD hubs Group Buy + MAD Fury Direct Drive Conversion Kit [EU/US]_Completed - #120 by rey8801 - Group Buys - Electric Skateboard Builders Forum | Learn How to Build your own E-board

Hello guys! After the first GB since few people asked me about it, would you be interested in another fast GB to get the MAD hubs? I thought, better to do it now before summer comes, so you can have the motors in few weeks. After I tried both the options I suggest the 75Kv version over the 130Kv, but they are both available. Few links for you to get catch up

Mad Fury direct drive kit

-Would you be interested in a pair of MAD hubs? 10 sets should be enough to make it worth it and be able to get them for 170 Euro.

  • Yes, I want reserved a set
  • No, I am not interested at the moment
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-Would you want me to include the MAD Fury conversion kit to direct drive as an option? I should be able to provide it for about 200 Euro, depends how many people want it.

  • Yes
  • No
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I am really happy with the hubs as direct drive, but if I make it available, I will do that with a slightly different design where you have a strong 12mm axle running across the whole drive. As it is now is fine for me but better to make stronger anyway. Also in this case you will able to come back to the original hub motor configuration. I don’t have the final price for them but my target is to get them available for about 200 Euro (including customised truck with 12mm steel axle and motor Pulley of your choice Kegel or ABEC; if the price allows also the motor can in metal otherwise I will share the STL file and you can print them. They get bit up anyway). Then you can assemble your direct drive! I think it’s pretty cool. I was really happy when I did mine.

Let me know!

Little summary…


  • 2 Hubs (sleeves included) 180 Euro

  • Predrilled Paris clone truck 10 Euro

  • Spare PU sleeves 10 Euro each (You need 2 for a dual set)

  • MAD fury conversion kit 200 Euro (on top of the motors, only 10 sets)

  • Shipping to EU from 15 to 30 Euro depends where you live (I am in Belgium). To US 35 Euro. Possibility to come and pick it up. You would do me a favour!

Hubs weight image image

The stator size, not bad! image image

The current direct drive MAD Fury image image image image 12s 97mm wheels. With 90mm I reached 54Kmh instant speed, not kept full throttle for long. image

How the direct drive will be. I can also make a more designed central hanger, but the cost of manufacturing will increase. It’s based on you! image image image Here two picture so that you can see how the final product would be. Simple to keep lower the cost, but still sick to me :smile:

97mm wheels

100mm BOA

110mm wheels to go over cars :joy:

Probably you have seen it already, but in case you do not know how it sounds. Unfortunately I only have bench test video.


What can diameter has the DD? I remember something that 90mm wheels is a bit scratchy on this DD. But i am still interested in these hubs.

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yeh the picture of my spud is with 90mm wheels the outer diameter is 76mm, if you have bad routes better to avoid it. > 97mm wheels are advice :grin:

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Any estimate on performance on 10s? thx!

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Few guys used at 10s and I remember like 43-45kmh with 90mm.

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Thats still ok for ‘small’ wheels! Count me in for a complete set

Where’s the Google form? ,:rofl:

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ahahah first I want to see if there is enough interest. I know the company so if they have the hubs I can get them fast.

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@rey8801 Wow this is amazin how fast you make this happen!


Thanks but well not so fast I started to design and make this DD last November. Took a while, It’s the time my limit. My mind is already 4 projects ahead :rofl: That’s why is more like either now or never…then I will do something else :grin:


What’s your truck angle? It looks like it’s over 50 deg

Edit: NM. I’m dumb.

I will see but I copied a paris truck so should be the same. The central hanger is thicker to host the 12mm axle, maybe that makes you think the angle is different.

image Here a side to side.


What is the weigt of the complete drive train?

Ah well good question never weighted it actually. but really almost the same of the hubs. The additional parts doesn’t weight that much, mostly aluminium except the axle. Plus the truck has way less aluminium hanger so almost the same. Is the full skate wheels that add a bit of weight. I will weight it soon. Do not have the hubs assemble to weight them too thought. I think the hubs were around 2.8 - 3kg. Maybe @Andy87 @LukePL @Chase can weight them for us. Thanks guys :smile:


Just to clarify

Are the choices 170 euro for just the hubs


200 euro for the hubs including customization to make them direct drive

or is a direct drive setup 170 euro for the hubs & 200 euro for the DD conversion ?

Any chance your willing to release your cad files for the Kegel core adaptors and the hanger ?

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Man would be a better world if you can produce all the parts for 30 euro. No 200 is plus the price of the hubs. That’s my estimation based on previous price I got, but it really costs a lot. Only if you go to thousands pieces becomes cheaper. No I am not planning to realise the CAD, honestly too many nights to just let it go. I will already try to make it available at the cheaper price possible. I am not here to make a business but just to get something back to build something else later :smile: The development costs as well. All my projects are pretty transparent and I give plenty of information to people to understand how to do it if they want.


euh, can you maybe post the total price then, as now he got me confused :smiley: Direct drive kit, hubs, hanger, blabla

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it’s written on top. Hubs if we get tot a decent number 170 Euro to my place. The conversion kit I think I can get it available for like 200 Euro more for who is interested. I will make it more clear.

EDIT: Of course if I am wrong in the direct drive kit and it will be less I will lower the price, but pretty sure that is about it.


Pretty sure I can afford a set… So I’m gonna mark I want a set reserved

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This is great @rey8801

What does the thane feel like on the hubs, just your personal opinion? I’m more interested in the hubs right now than the DD from a weight/cost perspective but I’ve always been put off by hubs because I’m a princess who just loves a comfortable ride.