2Vesc Connection

I have one small question. My project is to build a 2 motor setup and a month or two ago i received my Vesc from Enertion ( prob. the last batch of the old ones )

Since space in my new build is pretty scarce i was wondering if I could connect the both of them to only one Capacitor board. I remember a post in Instagram from Enertion showing two vescs connected to the same Capacitor board. Here’s an image of it: Sadly i can not see if the capacitors on this double setup are the same as the ones on a single VESC…thus my question. Would it be possible to connect them together ?

I would suggest getting a Y harness like this or quivalent

1 male to two male, it will avoid you from desoldering anything.

I can build that myself. The thing is that i don’t have to much space. It would not desolder anything on the VESC if it would be possible to have both of them on the same capacitor board.

@longhairedboy do you by any chance know if this could be done ?

can be done - however more (or larger) capacitors are better. Don’t come running when the DRV blows or something.

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hence the question :))

Nobody will be able to tell you 100%. it depends on your use case: with long battery leads you’ll need more/better capacitors - with short leads you’ll be fine with less.