2wd vs 4wd and tkp vs rkp

Hey guys. I’m hopefully about to buy a @psychotiller and had a few questions for the community.

First, I’d like to ask about 2 vs 4 wheel drive. I am about 240 and would like to be able to gear it to get around 45 mph on a track. I’ll be getting 6 shooters and 107s.

My question is, with 4 motors, won’t the belt drag keep the board from coasting? I get a pretty decent amount of drag from my single metroboard motor, just worried that it could throw me if I let off the throttle. Worried 2 motors won’t have the torque to move my fat ass as fast as I want it to move! I suppose if I don’t like 4wd it’s an easy convert to 2wd

Next- the invoice he sent me had tkp rodz instead of rkp. I’ve never used tkp but after reading a bit it seems they are “divey” and not super awesome for faster riding. What do you guys think? I asked him if he has rkps but he hasn’t responded in the last few days, definitely a busy dude.

TLDR - how bad is drag from 4 belt motors? And If I plan on going 35++ will tkp trucks get wobbles worse than rkp? I’d rather go rkp but I just gotta see what Dave has.

Thanks so much for any help given!



I can’t really say much about 4wd but you should probably go rkp if you’re gonna go 35+ mph

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Alrighty, some stuff to unpack a bit here. First off, all I am a 200+lbs guy myself.

So you are coming from a metroboard single. Let me be clear that anything @psychotiller builds you is going to knock your socks off.

As far as 2wd vs 4wd. I absolutely recommend getting a well built 2wd in your “board quiver” before even considering the 4wd option.

Do not think this will be a slouch. It will not be.

45mph is very fast. Do you know what you are asking for here? Most don’t TBH.

Even guys with a longboarding background who have cleared this speed easily will tell you “motorized 35+ is different than unpowered 35+”

And what do you mean when you say “track”?

For another thing, the whole “swap the components over to two 2wds if you don’t like the 4wd” is easier said than done. Especially if you are commissioning a build and not doing it yourself.

A better direction would be a high end 2wd build and if you are utterly disappointed (doubtful), you can upgrade.

4wd is a bit novelty still and for high end race applications. Even for an advanced rider there are so many ways to do things that will give you what you want before jumping into the 4wd game.

They are also much more complicated systems, leading to an even bigger need for you to be very comfortable with building yourself.

As far as TKP vs RKP, it really is shooters preference.

The TKPs will give you super maneuverability, but can also be tuned to go 40mph stable with the right bushings. But you must know how to tune them like this. I have been 40+ on a Red Ember Bludgeon with TKPs.

I personally do prefer the RKPs as I am in a city and just need to turn 90 degrees really. And they look cool as shit.

Take this for what it is worth, and you are right, Dave is really busy enabling people’s dream boards to become a reality. It would be wise to allow him to guide you in your decision making process.

If you think you know better, then you should be ordering parts, not a complete in the first place.

I wish you the best of luck on what you end up deciding to do, and can’t wait to see more pictures of another Psychotiller Classic!



Great advice, as usual.


Perfect reply. I’ll go 2 wheel drive.

Just waiting for Dave to get back to me now!

Thanks so much sender. Dave was the one that brought up 4wd but I’ll just put that idea in my back pocket.


I’ve had PT work on and help me out with my build right now. super cool guy and can’t recommend him enough. You can ask him for suggestions on what parts to go for based on how you wanna ride and He’ll take care of you. He can also order the parts for you and make that dream board of yours a reality. He’s also a pillow(just check his title lol) :laughing:

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He’s been a super awesome dude, he just hasn’t replied in 2 days! I think I’m annoying him with all my questions!


don’t worry He’s got his hands full lately but He’ll get back to you. I can say that cause Me and @skunk flooded him with lots of messages awhile back asking about all sorts of things lol.

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You stopped? I didn’t lol


TKPs all the way, even at 35+


just one or two every now and then :laughing:


Why do you like tkps better?

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Its a lot easier to carve and turn on TKPs, more of a surfy feel and just really easy to maneuver, but everyone has their preferences. I think I’m the only person that has taken a double kingpin up to 40mph+

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No you’re not!!! I just get tired sometmes haha


I’m a 300+lb guy and dual drive has gotten me over 40mph

Now I also have a 4wd and it’s scary fast. Belts don’t have alot of drag if you have the right set up. I run idlers and my 4wd belt set up coasts and rolls better than some dual set ups or hub set ups.


@Thebreadsticks like what @Sender said, you’ll be surprised how much power a 2wd setup will get you. I run a dual 6374 build on 107s at 10s and will easily get to about 60kmh (idk what that is in fake units). it’s strong enough to carry me, and tow a friend with a dead board up any hills and has never failed to amaze me (I’m 80kg. once again idk what that is in fake units). I run it at 35 battery amps and 80 motor amps and it’s mind blowingly powerful.


your 4wd build is Incredible and making me want to copy it. I saw you were considering taking it back to 2wd for the range. What did you end up doing?

I have ridden all 4 combos of your subject listed setups, plus I have used the 42t And 60t wheel pulleys on 6shooters.

-on psychotiller’s 6369s x4, you can still break belts if you punch it. The belt drag is negligible.
-The press fit on The rkp’s new motor mounts are a nice bit of engineering. -I kinda like tkp more, but I’m switching to rkps for racing.

  • wear a helmet. image image Fun fact: you will lose 10/10 in arguments with traffic pillars.

Waiting for my second unity to go back 4wd. It’s up to enertion at this point lol I do want to go 4wd I love the power.

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BKB hooked me up last minute with 2 in January. They are tiny little monsters.