2x 10S2P batteries on one board?

Hi guys. I’ve been reading the forum for the past few weeks or so and I really learned a lot. I recently got a Teemo M3 board just to see what this esk8 stuff is all about, and I have to say I like it very much. Like with most things I get into, I want to start modding and changing stuff right away :slight_smile: And some more range is high on my list of priorities.

I have an extra 10S2P battery pack that I don’t really have a use for. It’s not 100% same as the original pack, but both are 36V, 4AH/144Wh packs with “high discharge”.

Is it possible (and smart) to try and use both packs to get a larger 8Ah battery without too much fiddling? Can I just connect the packs together in paralel and use the same, stock charger to charge it through the original charging point or is is more complicated than this?

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Good job asking before just trying it out. This can work on packs of the same cells and relatively the same number of duty cycles. I would not advise doing it with non identical packs. Especially with different BMS on the packs. You will get one battery rating it is done charging while the other isn’t complete and this can lead to pack imbalances. There are a few users on here doing this with no issue but I wouldn’t. I did wire up a pole switch on an old scooter to switch between two packs. That way, when one was low, I’d flip a switch and move to the second. Good luck!