2x 3S lipo batteries/imax b6 V2 genuine charger/2x 3s to 6s balance adaptor

<img This is a genuine Imax b6 V2 charger that works great other than that is does not charge 6s due to the they 6s balance ports were shorted out. $30

2x 3s batteries 5000mah and 20c I have not used these batteries at all the only thing that i have changed is that I put XT90 connectors. $45

The adaptor is brand new never used but I will only ship it with one of the other products. $3

I also have a brand new never used Miami Electric Boards 6s adaptor to VGA.( will post pic soon)$10

All prices are negotiable​

how much is shipping for the battery?

Not sure where are you located so I can get estimate also I am willing to pay for half of shipping

Are the batteries still available (Will you post to Aus?)

Yeah they are

I want to keep it in the United States because if shipping prices

Ok no worries

wait… so you are selling a broken charger for $30USD that you can buy brand new for $30USD?

I went to eBay and typed in the name of the charger and scrolling through it I found that the lowest was $47 but if you can find it for $30 I will gladly drop my price on the charger. Also it just does not charge 6s. It is not completely broken.

Need to sell these willing to drop price

All has been sold