2x 4S or 4x 2S LiPo batteries in series?

Hey there,

I’m thinking about my battery pack and I’m not quite sure what to do. I want to go with 8S voltage and now thinking about choosing 2 packs of 4S 5Ah 30C in series or better 4 packs of 2S 2,5Ah 30C. The price is the same, but the 4 pack option has a quite better form factor because of the flat shape of the 2S. For charging I’d put 2 2S in series and charge them like a 4S.

Are there any disadvantages of going 4 packs of 2S in series? Actually I’d get 4x 2S with 3,2Ah each for the same price as 2x 4S, so 2,8Ah more. But for me the technical aspects prevail.

Thanks for your help!

More packs will give you more amps & power, less packs save you room and money.

Uhhh wouldn’t 4 2s 2.5Ah lipos in series give you an 8s, 2.5Ah pack? And wouldn’t the 2 4s 5Ah packs in series give you an 8s 5Ah pack? The choice seems obvious to me…

So my choice is for 2, 4s packs in series. I run it now and it works perfectly.

Hey @Smorto,

not quite sure, but thought the current gets added up in series as well as in parallel, just the capacity stays the same in series. Anyway, I chose two 4S LiPos now and bought a dual charger, this is just more comfortable :wink:


Nope, only voltage gets added together when in series. In parallel, capacity and C raining get added but voltage stays the same.