2× Complete Trampa electric Mountain-Boards for sale

Hello i have 2 complete Trampa electric Mountain-Boards for sale. They have been used but are in incredible condition both working perfectly . Contact me for further details, i am willing to negotiate with serious buyers. You can email me at [email protected] Or call or message me on +34 671 785 958.


You still have them? Whats your asking price? Whats your location?

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Hi man yes i still have them, my location is Spain.

I would take €1500 for the red board without battery and i would take €2000 for the board with 9inch wheels and custom battery.

Buyer payes for shipping.

Call me or message me on the App called Signal my Mobile number is: +34 671 785 958.

1500€ for red board ready to go but with no battery, €2000 for black board ready to go with 12s7p battey . Located in spain now but i will be taking to london u.k on 9th October.

If amyone interested let me know.