2x Enertion Focbox with Nano-X , 2x Turnigy SK3-6374-149kv Motors (EU)

  1. 2x Focbox + Nano-X + reciver - 140euro / 1set (one is complately new and one was used for around 30min in total) . Or 120euro / 1xFocbox and 30euro/1xNano-X + reciver . If someone wants them separately .

  2. 2x SK3 6374-149kv - 65euro / motor - curently they are 90euros on hobbyking ! (one is complately new and one was used for around 30min in total + it has a 15T motor pulley on it )


how much for the rape whistle?

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Focboxes + Whistle ?


Make an offer :stuck_out_tongue:

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You dont need the remotes ?

New price: 55euro / 1sk3 motor

The items are still available for sale ! :slight_smile:

Wanna ship to the states?

I can ship if you pay the postage, no problem . :slight_smile:

You are interested in the Focboxes ?

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Hey Szatyi! I would love to buy one FOCBOX from you? Is there still one available? I live in the Netherlands (EU). How much would you charge for one FOCBOX?

Hey, yes i still have them .

Hi Szatyi, I’m interested by a Focbox, is you still have one. Can you tell me the price including shipping in Belgium? Thx a lot. Matock

Hi, shipping is 13euro to Belgium .

Hello Szatyi,

Where are you located? I would be interested in one of the Motor.

Best Regards from Hungary: Marcell

Hi, im from Ro . Please wite a PM if you are interested . We can speak hungarian .

Best regards

Focbox still available or all they all gone?

I still have one

Yes, i have one for sale .

How much? I’ll pay for shipping to the US depending on where you are.