2x flipsky 6.6 with alu case for sale (SOLD)

Hi there folks, i got 2 flipsky 6.6 with alu case laying around. I was hoping to use them for my latest trampa build but couldnt find a good solution to make them fit into my peli case, mostly because i put 108 pieces of 30Q cells into the box instead of my original plan of 84.

Anyways, the esc’s have never been used on the road, just flashed the firmware and made motor/app setup to make sure they work. One of the escs doesnt have the anti spark switch, if you get both you can always connect both escs to the same switch in case you want to use the integrated switch.

Looking for 130€ per esc or 250€ for both, shipping excluded. Located in Sweden.


20190422_135702 20190422_135708 20190422_135722

Whats the ampage for each unit i am assumming 60a? Whats the best you can do for both?

Whats the best you can do for both and jow mich to sjop to the uk?

Yes they’re 60A, completely sourrounded by a aluminium box so heat shouldnt be a problem at all with this.

Honestly, they are 190$ a piece from flipsky, that is before EU taxes so you’re looking at more than 400€ for two of theese if ordering from flipsky. I’d say that 250€ is a more than fair price for two units in perfect condition

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If you can accept paypal and can work out shipping to ireland we can run with that then

Forget about it , i purchased elsewhere