2X focbox for sale (Closed)

Hey everyone, I have 2 Enertion focboxs for sale and I’m looking for about £220 for the both of them. I’m open to offers and the postage for Royal Mail first class is £2.50

Please note this is UK ONLY

Best to show a few pics of the sale :+1:

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Are they new? These were $90 US for a while new. This is also the price of a unity when its on sale which is pretty much always

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yeah pictures are on the way just was out all day so when I’m home i will update it :+1:

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They are used and only got them a couple of months ago for £160 each


So what are they. New or used?

They are Used

If these are still for sale then I’ll be interested. Not at the £220 price tag though.

Any movement on the price?

He change the price from 260 to 200 and up to 220 so probably some wiggle room

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I will pm you :+1:t2:

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Nothing left available