2x FSESC 6.6, 1x Flipsky AntiSpark Switch Smart, 4x 265-5M HTD belts, 3x 255-5M HTD Belts, 3x Turnigy SK3 Aerodrive 6364 213Kv motors, Various HTD 5M pulleys

I have several items available since I have moved to a place where I won’t be able to use any boards:

Photos in google drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JFQHzqA-yu1xnRelMSTVySBbhbsSO7p1?usp=sharing

  • [SOLD] Two FSESCs that I added connectors to but did not ever use on a board ($85 apiece or $150 for both)

  • [SOLD] Same with the anti-spark switch ($20)

  • [SOLD] The belts are not used ($2 apiece)

  • Two motors have not been used but the shaft has been ground flat on a portion to help with the set screw grip. One has been used but works just fine. All come with original box and parts. ($60 apiece)

  • Various unused pulleys, I need to look back and see teeth counts (make an offer)

I am interested in the anti-spark switch. how much with shipping to Bradenton, Florida 34209?

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Looks like I can send it in a small USPS Flat Rate box for $7.65. So I could do $25 including shipping and send it out today or tomorrow on my lunch break. What payment method do you prefer?

Cool that works for me. I like to pay through PayPal. My address is [email protected] I’ll pay as soon as I get the request thanks

Still no request for payment. What’s up brother do you still want to sell this?

Hi, I just sent it. It wasn’t sending me notifications when I got new replies and I was logging in to check it multiple times today.

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If PayPal let’s you add a message be sure to include the address I should ship to.

Sorry didn’t see your message untill this morning after I paid. My address is Eric Starinovich 5905 32nd Ave West Bradenton, Florida 34209

Are you sure it sent through? I checked and my request has disappeared and I have no payments to me showing up in my transaction history in the past few weeks.

Yes says you haven’t accepted it yet and something about you need to set up an PayPal account here’s a screenshot

Okay I will log in on my desktop when I get back from work and see if I can find the issue there because it’s not showing up anywhere on mobile. I will send you the tracking number when I get it to the post office, I’ve already got the box and stuff.

Hi, I’ve had that PayPal account for years and sent and received money through it, I don’t know why it was being weird and making me reconfirm my email and such. Anyways, the package is ready and I will drop it off at the post office. Here is the tracking # Tracking number: 9405528206335339182666

Sometime they will do that if you haven’t used the account in a while. Glad you got it straightened out.

Hi I just got the anti spark switch today. I plugged it in to my fsesc6.6 And it doesn’t appear to be working it’ll Flash my VESC on and off if I hold the button in But that is it. Also there is an extra blue wire and none of my other flipsky switches have this wire. What is this wire for and where does it get connected to could that be part of the reason why it’s not working? I’ve been on flipskys website and they don’t seem to have any wiring diagram that includes that wire.

Also that’s which is not new it’s all dirty inside you can see it just from looking from outside anyway I found out what that wire is that’s the motor detection cable or doesn’t matter the switch doesn’t work anyway.

I bought the switch years ago and I guess they stopped making them with the motor detection wire sense then. I never put it on a board and road it around I only ever bench tested it when I was gonna make a new build a while ago and never got around to it. Any dirt/dust your seeing would be from it sitting in my garage. It worked then, have you tried a different pack voltage? I remember reading somewhere when I got it that it could be finicky about certain series combinations.

I tried it with my 12s battery from my other board that also has a flipsky anti-spark switch. The enhanced version that is designed for less amps then this one. This version is supposed to handle up to 13s. I tried it with a 6s and it will work but i won’t work with a 12s so it is defective. Basically it is useless for any of my esk8 set ups as I don’t use 6s except in series lol.

I can give you a partial refund and you just keep it if you want.

Thats fine. I can use the on off button for something. I like that one better then the one they include now.