2x Haya Build(S) - Hummies Hubs, Surfrodz, Popaca, FocBoxs, and Batteries

Hola Ladies, Gents and non-Binary humans, Just recieved 2 beautiful Haya decks and figured havent done this in a while… so why not.

So I guess start with this: Materials:

Hoyt remote x 2 Haya Sexy as shit Decks x 2 Varnish x 1 small can (one deck w/ gloss finish) FocBoxs x 4 Batteries TBD ( I believe the deck can fit 60+ cells each soooo at least 12s4p if not 5p) Hummies hubs x1 (with matching Centrax front) Surfrodz RKP 200mm black hanger w/ green bases Push to start switch x2 Popoca Wheels.

I will update this as it is build progresses. Gotta pick up the trucks/hubs stateside over xmas so as with all things this will be a process.


Looking forward for this porn


initial goodness

image image image


What type of foam are you placing in the board?

Not sure…you mean to insulate the batteries and whatnot or…?? the lids have some very thin insulator on them and the battery trays came with a thin felt liner. i guess ill start thinking about lining when i start to adress the powering situation, again after xmas. Hipercor and other Chinese stores are all over in Madrid an usually have various thickness of foam/ plastic padding. ive used it on other builds.

Ah ok, I’m still waiting on my board to be released from Spanish customs so it can ship to me in USA

fucking black friday…wallet hurts

added two push to start switches to list …one with led button and other without.

and forgot but have two Hoyt remotes im waiting on…

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That looks like a solid build list of parts looking forward to this build



Is this a typo or are you going with 2 sets of hummies?

He’s making two boards, two motors per board so 4x focbox total

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Excited to see this unfold. I have a Haya coming with no immediate plans in mind. Going to very slowly start collecting parts for a build in the next year or so. So much innovation this last year it’s unbelievable. Excited to see what this next year brings. All I know is these Hayas are a perfect platform for a stealthy af street build. Keep rocking it monkey man! Also, I’m a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes, so love your profile picture.

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Me too. @monkey32 great builds! had to back out on the haya and seeing this am regretting it so much Looking forward to this. Good luck and keep the pics coming


No, have two Haya boards…one with hummies other with external mount …maybe janux…or someday im suppose to get a carvon exo pro…so maybe…but then really want to try the surfrodz…so yea 4x focbox

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What are you thinking of rider/wedges/bushings you sick sick man? Specifically Hummies build

So I have a pile of 20 packages to pick up when I’m stateside avoid shipping and import tax… Fuck you Spain!!)…included the set of hummies, surfrodz, and a bunch of rubber bozen risers…so I’m gonna be playing around with various setups. Only layed down two coats of varnish but I’m liking the glossy edition I’m making…not yet glassy but will get there


Do you have to varnish the deck, or is that already done?

No, they have a matter varnish on them which looks sick. I just wanted one matte and have the other glossy

Next Christmas there are some of us who want you to pick up something from Landyachtz on your way back :kissing::cowboy_hat_face:

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So I read…I’ll consider it…it’s something like 50- 100 dollars per extra bag…plus the pain in the ass of getting all the shit to and from the airport both there and in Spain…maybe one or two extras could be done though.