2x Motor Mount for 63mm

I am located in Singapore but I have an USA address too. Looking for 2x Caliber II motor mounts for 63mm motors Looking for something cheaper than first hand kit

@Eboosted may have some i think


I have a set of calibers II with motor mounts, send me a PM and I’ll work on a price for you

Caliber II will not fit with dual 6374 motors, single is OK. Another option is running crisscross (diagonal). If you insisted on running dual 63xx motors, TB 218mm truck is the only one I know that is specifically designed to run dual 63xx motors.

My custom design Caliber II motor mounts with dual 50xx motors :point_down:

My custom design TB 218mm motor mounts with Dual 6374 motors :point_down:

Crisscross :point_down:


I am looking to do dual 6355 actually

I have got some, you just missed the Black Friday sale tho. PM me for shipping details. I have sent 3 or 4 packages to Singapore :singapore:


What are those motors in the first picture? Racerstar?

Yes, those are Racerstar 5045s. Check out Janux-esk8.com on ideas of drive train and motor mount options.