2x New Flipsky 6.6+ with aluminum case USA (doesn't fit my board)

I have 2 new flipsky vesc 6.6’s for sale. Both come with ppm cable, original instruction sheet, and sensor wires. I bought them a little while ago for a new dual 6374 street board hoping to run 12s foc. They are to big for my enclosure. I should have bought the regular 6.6 without the aluminum case… oops. they have never been used apart from trying to cram them into my fiberglass case. they were turned on once when i first got them with an 8s test battery, no use on the street though. theres a small abrasion to the paint on on corner from the fiberglass, other than that they are in perfect condition. I am looking to sell them for **$145 for 1, $270 for both. Free 3-4 day shipping anywhere in the USA.


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location will help with your sale g


Oh crap your right. I was in a rush when i made it. Sorry!

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bump to say price has dropped. anyone interested? DM me if you want them!

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I am willing to negotiate price a bit. Pm with you best offer

Anyone have a price i recommend i sell these at? Or a way to get better exposure to sell these asap?

Honestly, if it were me I’d ask $120-130. A lot of sellers here also offer to include the shipping cost in their asking price.

It really depends on how quickly you want to get it sold. The lower the price, the faster it’ll sell. If you can wait, someone will eventually bite, as it is less than retail and shipping is a lot less.

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Thats good advice. I was thinking about dropping the prices alot soon.

bump. 1 guy has pmed me. act fast if you are interested, willing to negotiate price

bump. 2 people are interested. if you want both, dm me and we can get it sorted quickly. best offer gets them.

both are sold. please close topic @barajabali

@mmaner get you assistance in closing this please sir?