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2x2 Design (one motor moves 2 wheels)

Pls tell me what you think about this desig, do you think it would work>? is there anyone using something like this? if you think is not going to work pls say why you think that?

Won’t work, you need a rear wheel differential. Basically what will happen is if you turn, one wheel will have a slightly smaller turning radius then the other meaning it will be moving slower than the other wheel. Since the two are locked by your drive train the inner radius wheel is going to grind/slip whenever you turn. It’s not really popular to do this ,because there really is no reason to have more than one wheel drive unless you want more power. Because of the efficiency of this you would probably get slightly less power than just the standard one wheel drive mechanism you see on this forum. The only benefit is traction, but honestly if it’s on a road one wheel is good enough. Dual wheel drive is still superior, but because of the speed/torque advantage of having two motors not so much traction.

This might explain it better (Old video but does a really good job at explaining):


This has been mentioned in both Dual Drive vs Diagonal Drive and Dual Drive E-board with Single Motor.

Please, let’s not start another differential thread…

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