3 DAY SALE! Motors, ESC's, Kits

Mini Remotes are now in stock and ready to ship! Only $30! Link: https://electric-skateboard.market/product/2-4ghz-mini-remote-receiver/

12s and 6s ESC’s now in stock!

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Sale includes 12s ESC, and Kits! 3 days only, 5 uses. Now $110! https://electric-skateboard.market/product/12s-120a-esc-hv-opto/

eSk8 Kits Also On Sale! https://electric-skateboard.market/product/esk8-starter-kit-motor-esc-controller/

Motors will soon be in stock also! 6354 only $64, 6374 only $76

  • 190kv 6354 / 6374
  • 8mm shaft w/ keyway (not included)
  • 4mm bullet connectors
  • 180mm Silicon Wires / 180mm Hall Sesnor Wires (120 degree)
  • 30mm and 44mm mounting holes (fits TB and Enertion Mounts)
  • 6354 – 2400W
  • 6374 – 3250W
  • Comes with female connectors, for esc Motors are very similar to The ULTIMATE Hobbyking SK3 replacement! Link: https://electric-skateboard.market/product/190kv-sensored-motor-6354-6374/

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Do you have any 74’s without sensors.

I know I can run them without plugging them in I just want a cleaner look.

you could just cut them or solder them off

Unfortunately I do not. You can do what @Jinra said, it wouldn’t hurt anything.

I know I could even go as far as to open the can and remove them but I’m just curious if he sells any without sensors from the beginning

3 day sale starts now! See 1st post for details!

Why don’t you want sensors?