3 Motor 4WD | 2 Freewheel in the Front side | 1 Motor in the Front side | 2 Motor in the Rear side


Very DIY and interesting build. Why did you opt for 3x motors, due to esc availability?


Very nice! Do you have a rachet in both front wheels? Doesnt this mean that both can turn idividually, but you loose the brakes in front?

On off-road, 4wd has great significance. However, on-load reduces battery efficiency, increases weight, and increases motor + esc cost.

So I used a freewheel to lower the rolling resistance while driving 2 wheels with one motor on the front wheels.

I wanted to be able to ride freely without any special changes.


That’s correct. And reducing rolling resistance. I think that two rear wheels were enough for the brakes.


Really nice, you can change between 4wd and 2wd on the remote?

@Pedrodemio It may be possible, but I have not done it yet. I will set rpm limit to be 4wd only at low speed and 2wd in high speed.


Kudos @Martin! :+1: DIY at its best.

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you are the man!! I literally had that same freewheel design in my head and you went and made it! kudos to you my brotha!

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Hi, @Martin

Im looking to drive 3 Bldc motors from single throttle. could tell me. How many esc did you use? and are they all sync to same throttle?



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CAN or PWM or as it is sometimes called PPM

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Hi, @wayne

I using CAN Bus between rear side two VESC. I using PWM Y cable between front vesc and rear vescs