3 motors in canbus with vesc?

Has anyone tried to use 3 vesc’s and 3 motors (or 4 motors and 4 vesc’s?) i’m thinking that would be a really awesome offroad board or if i wanted to make an electric go kart that would be an easy way to make a drive chain but i don’t know if more than 2 can be done…

Yeah I use 4. To be honest Id recommend using additional receivers linked to the same remote transmitter as linking more than two vescs via CAN hasnt been a trouble free experience.

can’t u just use(2vesc)(2vesc) y cable (reciever) instead? I juse wanna know why u use 2 reciever

Yes, Ive used:

  1. 1 receiver for 4 VESC’s with a ppm cable split 4 ways.
  2. A single ppm shared via a 4 way CAN bus cable.
  3. Two receivers (1 for front motors, and 1 for rear motors) with CAN.

Ive decided Id just pay an extra $20 so each VESC could have its own reciever. All three of the above mentioned strategies worked, but ive had issues while running all three and none since going 4wd with independent control. So Im sticking to what has worked for me.

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What controller do you use? Thanks for the advice btw!

My builds all have different controllers. Torqueboards, Ollins, VescX, FOC box’s, VESC 6. Ive been mostly using FOC box’s lately due to their form factor, enertion’s customer support has been good to me as well.

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you could have two lots of 2 VESC canbus connected and then split the PWM cable once to each pair.


can you upload a picture of what you mean?