3 VESC dead. please help

Hello everyone, I’m making my ESkate . I was testing it with 1 motor and 1 esc from flipsky. It was going fine untill I decided to install 2nd motor and 2nd esc. My battery has 15000mah 8s.

at 1st attempt I connected to second vesc 2nd motor with sensors via cable that comes with VESC / after that connection to vesc was broken / disconnected ( connection via usb to pc ) , I reconnected and tried again… after 2nd attemp to run motor detection it disconnected again , now it blinks with red and I can’t connect to it . How to fix it ? How to check what is wrong with it ? is there a setp by step guide?

I had a replacement VESC. So I replaced ( connected via canbus, this time I decided not to connect any sensor to it ) but after a long run my power cable came off , and I guess ESC got ‘fried’ , so now I have 3 broken VESC . 2 dead because of canbus ( 1 was powered when the other was not vice versa) and 1 dead because of the some sensor issues or smth like that .

  • 1 has blinking red led ( fried by sensor)
  • 2 has blue led and strange sound ( fried by canbus )
  • 3 doesnt want to light up ( fried by canbuss )


Are there any guieds , step by step what to do what to check ? Thanks P.S I have very little knowledge about electronics etc so any step by step video would be helpfull for me. I belive this issues could be fixed somehow , at least canbus…