30" street deck. Custom battery. Sk3 5055

So this build is pretty quick and dirty. I slapped it together in an hour so its not pretty but it does fill a hole in my eskate collection. A small easy to carry board that can fit on a backpack, good for shops or public transport. But not a compromise on speed, power or range. It packs an 8000mAh 6S and is capable of 36km/h with a range of 22km More details to come.


That’s what I love about your boards man, you always use things others call trash and you don’t mind what it looks like as long as it works.

Great work

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THIS IS SICK!!! What size are the wheels? Is it light enough to skate like a regular skateboard?

the wheels are 70mm so they are small in esk8 terms, but large in street terms. the board is heaver than a regular street deck. I tried some flip tricks but I need to get used to the extra weight of the board. I’m sure someone who is more skilled than me could flip it… I mean it probably weighs half what a raptor1 weighs and someone managed to kick flip that. I will have to get some scales and weigh it properly but its not too heavy in terms of other esk8’s maybe around 4kg??

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Nice! Well regardless of tricks that’s a sweet ass mall grabber!

its actually a great mall grabber. and that’s what I made it for. LOL. so easy to carry around.

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Those phase wires okay like that? Probably not much to get caught on while riding on the street.

yeah they are fine. there was no where else that I could put the ESC on such a small deck given that the battery takes up the entire deck space. its not really any different from many other builds, just looks weird cause the deck is so small.

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