30"x10" deck with caliber trucks?

Hi folks!

I am about to order parts to do my first DIY esk8 and I have doubts about the deck.

I am planning a single belt motor (6380) with Trampa VESC 6, Caliber II trucks, motor mount from Tampa and would like the 120 mm foamies from slick revolution.

Now I have to decide the deck. I would like something sort like as my ride is going to be to work (less than 2 miles), supermarket and meeting friends in town.

Ideally I’d like something like: Santa Cruz 30"

But I guess what I need is something like: 35" longboard

What about these ones from slick revolution? 20 quid only… Slick revolution cheap decks

Thanks! Nestor

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First, figure out an enclosure then build around.

taken from - @b264

once that’s done create a few viable options, then contemplate.

@b264 probably has a perfect enclosure for that setup. (30 inch Santa Cruz)

Thank you both!

I was not concern about the enclosure but about the trunks/wheels size.

The trampa vesc doesn’t need enclosure I think and I was planning to use something basic for the 2x 6S batteries.

Anyway I would be interested in seeing @b264 enclosures.


Thank you @SoccerMom_HobbyVan Yes, that’s exactly what I was planning to do. I will contact him in the other forum. Thanks!

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