300a esc and 70a motor

I guess they`re just standard 8" pneumatics?

True dat. I didn’t realize that pneumatics are so damn huge.

Its a mountain board. So the wheels are very big 8inch So nothing happend right? Im a little bit confused with all of that data.

at 0.021ohm, the esc limits the current, not the motor… so at 12S you can get 300a.

simply shorting the motor with 48v (not advised) gives:


2285.71a * 48v=109714.28w

the job of the esc is to limit the current below 2285.71a (in this case to 300a).

for motor heating that works out to: 300a * 300a * 0.021ohm= 1890w motor heating @ 300a

since the kv is 149kv, torque at 300a motor current works out to: 300a * 0.064nm/a (kt-torque per amp)= 19.2 newton meters.

I didnt quite understand that, but there is no way you`ll get 19.2 Nm of torque directly from a 6374 motor…

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Disregard the over educated… Your motor will not pull over it’s designed amp if you don’t overload it… gear it properly so it operates in it’s load window and you will be fine. A 300a ESC on a 70a motor is a good combo and a great safety factor window for your power delivery system…

Thanks a lot!! God bless you