30mph hub motors under 100$ and self balancing

https://m.alibaba.com/product/60532015908/2017-Newest-Dual-drive-1200W-50kmh.html?spm=a2706.7835515.1998800312.22.4mErap I’d do 30mph on an under hundred dollar bike but not a board. Shocking prices. This must be the lowest priced board sold.

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:frowning: this is getting crazy… not sure if i should buy one for fun and…don´t know…what should i do with that :smiley:

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Can’t even find those prices here inside China… I wonder if it comes with a battery and ESC haha

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Your better off buying your kid a carton of cigarettes

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Look very much like a stary board

It says 50kph so maybe you have to stand on it and go down a hill aaaand you get a receiver with it :smiley:

@Hummie or forks with wall sockets :smiley:

I mean it´s already really hard to get a descent battery under 100 bucks :smiley:

One of my earliest memories is sticking a fork in the wall socket.


They have amazing photoshoppingskills aswell. The logo removal in the middle is barely noticable. Suprised it doesnt stay “TARY” on it :smiley:

Good effort :wink: