30Q 10s2p pack $138 from Supower

Getting 2 of these. $75 express UPS shipping. Built in BMS. Lilian over at Supower confirmed the cells are 30Q.

A 2 or 3 of these in parallel will make a good modular pack.



If you are using multiple packs, they have to be the same Voltage as each other. Otherwise you are damaging these batteries in a best case scenario.

I’ll keep them connected in parallel and charge together. So, they’ll never go out of sync?

aren’t 30Qs 3000mAh? 2p would make it 6000mAh.

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Not sure where you saw 30Q

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Asked and Lilian, a rep replied they’re using 30Q to build this specific pack.

Not with those specs they aren’t. The math is wrong

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I think it’s a typo. Hoping at least.

Either they’re underrating the capacity (and that’s pretty rare), or they’ve got old information with new cells and haven’t updated, or they’re full of shit.

I’m going with “full of shit and want to sell us something”

Sure buddy, just thought it was a good info.

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It could still be a good pack. Call me a cynic.

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If it sounds too good to be true…

Yeah I mean a 10s4p for under $400 isn’t bad, as long as the cells decent. Let us know how it turns out, if its a decent pack, it’d be a good deal

I ordered without knowing of 30Q cells. I was content with the spec in the picture for the price and form factor. So, it was a nice surprise to get confirmation the cells are 30Q. I think they used to build this pack with another cell and haven’t updated the info.

Keep in mind the height of these, its almost 3 cells high with the bms

You really ordered a battery without knowing what cells are in it? :astonished:

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ok, you can judge me. haha I just wanted about 15A discharge cell in that specific form factor with BMS. They seem to manufacture good BMS so decided to give a shot. I was really curious which cell they use cuz I couldn’t find that combo of 2500mah and 15A.

My money is on LG he2 The 30A I’m guessing is BMS limit not cell limit

It’s a 2p pack. so 30A for 30Q at least on spec no?

But it’s 3000mah