30Q 10S4P for $399 [CLOSED]

Hey, all. I usually make custom packs and sell them to my YouTube subs, but I have an extra x40 30Q cells from a bulk order so I’ll offer them here. I can make a complete 10S4P or x2 2P 30Q packs with BMS, capacity gauge, charger, and plugs. All the goodies. Sale price would be $399.00 for 10S4P or $255 for the 2P. shipping would only be in the U.S. I use this email for my sales: [email protected] Let me know if you are interested!

how about for just the bare cells?

You would be able to buy them from a li-ion vendor for cheaper that what I would offer. I’m looking to build a complete pack in order to make a decent profit margin, sorry.

Canny show pictures of your work?

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Gallery of my babies. They use BesTech BMS’s with 5 layers of .15x10mm pure nickel for great conductivity. I also include percent gauges.

Google Photos Battery #1 10S4P. Two layers of cells with space for BMS

Google Photos Battery #2 10S3P. One flat layer. Its a wip, as you can see the balance cables aren’t done yet. A good pic to show my “3/4th the way done” stage. I made another one of these but the customer already has it.

Google Photos top view of Battery #2

Google Photos The finished product of Battery #1. Note that its using one of those anti-spark switches. My current packs have the eSwitch built into a BesTech BMS.

Google Photos the behind of Battery #1 completed.

Google Photos Battery #3. Yet another 10S3P inside a custom kydex enclosure for a loaded vanguard. (I don’t sell kydex enclosures, this was a special case)

Google Photos Battery #4. A huge 10S6P pack. This was a tricky custom design made for the LaCroix boards deck with flexible compartments.

ask away if you have any questions

Is it possible to get a battery to Canada? I’ve been trying to find a replacement for my lipos for what feels like forever

I have to talk to FedEx/UPS about that. The shipping prices for UN3480 class Lithium-ion Batteries may cause unreasonable shipping prices. Ill get back to you.

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I would assume that’s the case… I’d expect shipping to be too much to justify the purchase but I appreciate you looking into it

Hey, buddy. Is that the 10s6p you made for me and my Lacroix Board build? I’ve been able to ride and ride on it and hardly make a dent in the battery! Look at that battery! That battery is HUGE!!!

Tiny Elvis comments on how big everything is.

Yup it is! This post was actually made because of the left over 30Qs from your order (I bought them as a pack of 100). Yeah your battery is huge, I’m so glad to see it in action!

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