30q max charge on small pack

Hey there, I was wondering what the max charge of a Samsung 30q would normally be. I have read on the spec sheet that the normal charge is 1.5A and fast charge is 4A. I am thinking of having a 10S 1P pack for a little board. Would i be able to charge them at 2A with an evolve standard 42v charger? Thanks for your time, Harry

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That will work, but remember that as you increase amperage the heat will also increase. 2a shouldnt get you too hot at all :slight_smile:

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Thanks i will keep an eye on the heat.

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it can take a 4a. so do 4a.

the myth is the higher the a the worse the battery life, it’s mostly myth, because the less time exposed to heat the better off the cells are. so it’s better to charge them at 4a for 30 minutes, then to charge at 1a for 2 hours.

as you’d be exposing them to heat longer, even a study has proven it’s better to fast charge (to an extent) then to slow charge for longer periods of time.

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yes and no.

there’s hardly any heat when charging at 1a. it’s hotter at 4a. was testing new set of cells recently and did this exact test.

to answer original question, 2a is no problem.


I charge my 4p at 4a and my 8p at 8a so far no issues

They both charge in about the same time.

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The heat of charging is rarely the issue. Its how fast the lithium can react and store the power. If charged to fast or discharged to low, you will create copper crystals that poke through the layers of the cell and create a short. This obviously leads to fire

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1a per cell is perfectly fine. You can crank it up to 2a as a safe maximum for continuous charge. This is true of most high discharge cells, but the 30q datasheet says 2a is no problem. Getting a charger that can handle 6+ amps is the problem…

Huh? I have a 13s 10a and a 10s 7a charger that I’m using for my upcoming build

The real problem is finding a connector that can do that many amps and that is actually not a hassle to mount

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Sorry, i should have said its hard to find a cheap reliable one.

the 10a charger was only 83$ and its preety reliable

Thats not cheap by most peoples standards. Considering a 42v 3a is $15

those chargers usually break down within a few months :rofl:


You’ll be replacing that soon, so pick another one out.

Is it one of these?


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No, its not one of those. I know to avoid those generic ones with the plastic fins.

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