30q or hg2 cell?

which is a better cell for esk8 battery pack? the 30q and the hg2 are both about 3000mah but the he2 has 20a per cell vs the 30q 15a. Is the lg hg2 a reliable cell?

I have heard but don’t know for sure that the LG HG2 are more often to be counterfeited

ya buy id be buying from nkon.nl which are a reliable site

Why not LG HG2? They’re proven.

What configuration are you going to have them in?

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10s3p/4p with a custom bms

30Q performs better. The tests say that it is a great 20A cell. Price is also great. And they also seem to perform well after many cycles. The Sony VTC6 for example shines at the begining and then quickly loose capacity after a couple of cycles. But finally all of the high amp cells do well in a longboard if you use them in a 4P setup. Because you won’t stress them and they will give you more than enough power.


but that graph is 10a? and 30q are 15a cell

meant the hg2 lol

HG2 are great, although I’ve had good success with VT6 in a 4p configuration. I’d recommend those.

yes, but I’m seeing .5v sag at full 20a discharge, which has caused some problems at near end of charge. if sag goes below bms lower voltage cutoff, it may reset the bms during hard acceleration.

15a continuous for the 30q is understated apparently, they don’t heat up nor degrade at 20a, so can be driven to and past 20a:


not sure where I saw it but its got less sag than 25r and hg2

Was wondering if Vtc6 you meant? I have bought Vtc6 also because of higher voltage and good price. I hear only bad words about them, but I’ll give them a shot. :slight_smile:

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Vtc6 are my absolute fav cells. They never go out of balance and deliver lotsa powah. It is true that the amps lower if you heat them too much. If you make parallel enough or don’t go full throttle all the time they are flawless. I did packs with and without bms and I totally love Konions.


the vtc6 i like but have heard its not suppose last long and over time the cells lose power and sag,also not able to run at 30a safely ,t he vtc5a is better for 30a situations …its a 35a cell.but i really like it has high mah and 30a its a beast but heard lotta bad about them,.

interested in the he2 it VERY cheap atm and looks a decent cell. the hg2 it a bit exspensive.

what parrallel dju think and have you had any problems with the cells? did you use them with a board?

The vtc5 seems to be much better but they have lower capacity so I never bought them. I have read many bad reviews about vtc6 from vapers but not from ebikers. My packs are in perfect shape so far. I dunno in a couple years. … People at the sphere reported good results about them over the years. I have right now a huge ebike pack. 2 small sk8 packs and about to make a 10s4p. Nevertheless this topic is about 30q and hg2. Let’s cut the Konions chat.

What’s the best place to get 30q cells?

Nkon. They have an eu site and an international site

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Would it work well as 10s3p

I use VTC6s for work, it doesn’t get any better than that. I have drawn 20A continuous for 100 cycles on a pack with 2 minute spikes to 30A. I burned an esc by drawing 80A per cell and causing a 12awg wire to fuse. I thought there would be damage to the cells but I was wrong. The battery is still at 94%ish capacity from where it started new.

Real VTC6 cells are expensive though and there are lots of fakes in the market

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