3210 astro brushless motor

Are 3210 astro brushless motor good

Please don’t be so lazy and include a link.


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Sorry for that

Why the fuck does it cost $470??

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Better magnets and don’t wear out as fast

You saw the monster utube video Yea…lol

Because it’s FUB and it’s not actually 32mm diameter by 10mm can length. It’s more like an 8151

FUB = Freedom-Unit Bullshit


I was thinking about these myself…3220 if they’ll fit. Only had 2 concerns… There a sealed motor…so the heat from going up hills. But can change to open ends…as they say. I want a 8 or 10mm shaft…I’m sure they probably can do it …and there’s the cost Yea… I see guys on here building several boards why not just build a couple of good ones…each to there own I guess I’m using alien 6384s motors on my quad

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It’s FUB … they’ll probably screw that up

The “inch ounces per amp” gives them away

Yea probably true that…

And if they don’t screw it up, you’ll find out it’s some bullshit screw thread to mount the motor that you don’t have. And then it’s some size hex key you don’t have. And then the grubscrews are some weird size.

It’s not worth dealing with shops that use FUB.

Just buy torqueboards motors :joy::joy:

Stop confusing yourself and your wallet


Is the 3210 astro brushless motor not a torqueboard motor

No it’s not… That’s a tb motor collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-190kv

These motors have been used …monster board utube video…I like to explore over engineering ,better quality parts like I did with my drones…

Of course, if overbuiling(for power or future proofing) is your goal then these seem like a great choice as they’re very beefed up.

Just saying that I doubt you would ever clock the full power of tb motors on a quad build :slight_smile:

Good luck!