35€/40$ CNC Motor Mount *SOLD*

Hi, I’m selling my custom designed motor mounts.

Mount is machined from Aircraft grade 6082 Alloy. Trucks: Caliber Center distance: 65-75mm Plate height: 12mm M6 threads Only compatible with 63xx motors Compatible with 9,12 and 15mm wide pulleys

It is perfect for 36T/15T 270mm belt length setup. The mount is tested and it works great!

  • Interested in one set
  • Interested in more than one set
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Prices: One full set – 35€ or 40$ Shipping to Eu – 5€ or 6$ Shipping to US (or other Countries) – 6€ or 7$ +Small PayPal fee If you order more than 2 sets then pm me for the shipping price



Following up on this to see what’s the final price and delivery terms. Would be interested in 2.

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35€ with shipping paid or does the person have to pay shipping for to the United States

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Price would be 30 or 35€ (it depends on the demand) per one set with bolts, washers. Shipping is not included. Shipping to US costs abound 6€ (Priority, registered)

Shipping prices to other countys are simmilar.

I’m interested in getting 2, ship to Singapore

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Ok, I will try to arrange one batch of mounts till the following week. Then I will update you about the payment and shipping :wink:

shipping EU ?

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Yes. Shipping cost would be ~6€

Keep me updated too please!

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Quite some people droped out a recent gb because of delay so if you make this go through quite Quick you can get some more people on the boat.

So when are you able to ship?

I think next week mounts will be ready.

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Just curious - since the circle clamp that holds the trucks is round, will the metal that holds the motor shift/move?

Also, i’m using an MBS 100mm wheel. Will this fit?

you should try to offer an adapter ring for cronins - I guess a lot of people would buy that instantly


@jaysoncena No, it doesn’t move. Mount stays in place very snugly. Yes, it will fit :slight_smile: @Maxid It would be quite complicated task because I am not using these trucks and don’t have opportunity to measure the profile.

OK, quick update: the mount will cost 35€ because material price is higher than expected.

Ok what would that be in $

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I’d be in for 1 set!!! Looks like $39.20 usd. Then about $6 shipping.

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I think I’m down for one my self