35T/10T sprocket for Trampa Superstar hubs

Hello im wondering if there are alternative sites to get some 10T/35T sprockets from that fit the trampa Super star hubs and an 8mm shaft with keyway.

I have tried https://www.overion.fr/ but im having a hard time contacting the owner about shipping to AU as the site doesnt support it.

just get them from here and drill them out to the hole pattern you need


unfortunatly i moved into an apartment. i was actualyl planning on building a CNC machine to make my own at my parents house but since i moved i had to leave all my tools behind and could only take a few small things with me as i moved inner state so thats not really an option i kinda need an off the shelf purchase sadly =(

you could ask @Nowind but not sure if he makes custom teeth count sprokets. I think his are standart 40th.

ah im putting it on the 6.5inch Urban tyres from trampa so they wont fit with 40t if i remember correctly

at 6.5" the clearance would be not the best, yes :sweat_smile:

at this point im tempted to just print the dam things. But i Fear the worst LOL i already have the chain and everything else on the way but i cant find the dam sprockets to fit >.<

actually 40T for Cryptic,Hypa,Superstar,5Star,Rockstar2 in stock no custom sizes actually

clearence would be very bad YES

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there is no workshop around which could drill you the stock sproket out to your needs? it´s just the center part and 5 holes to drill.

live in the heart of the CBD in Adelaide, i cant say for sure as i moved here about 2 months ago and dont have a vehicle. pretty much live in the business district where there is nothing but takeouts and barber shops >.<

Thinking i might design something in Fusion 360 and see what it would cost to get it CNC’d


Yann @overion will help you out when he is able to get the time. He set me up with a chain system and spare nuts and bolts all the way in the usa. Just send him an email at [email protected] and he should get back to you in a few days or so.

Or you could try etoxx or unik. I’m in the same boat with wanting certain sprockets but no drill press to get the holes right.