36 V or 43 V for Li-Ion pack

Hello, I’m struggling to build a 10s or 12s battery pack, what is better, 36V or 43V? (Propably 8p with 80A discharge) Thanks Alex

That depends on what you want. Which parts you are going to use, can the parts handle 12s?

You are going to have alot more power with 12s, also less heat from the cables.

If I were to recommend you something knowing nothing about your setup, id say go with 10s.

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VESC works up to 60V, but better stay around 12S

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I will use two vesc from maytech (up to 60V) two motors from alienpowersystem (max 42V max 60A 2400W 190kV) and now I try to find out what battery constellation to get the best out the motors

36 is nominal voltage of a 10s pack 42 is maximal charged voltage of the 10s pack So basically you are talking about the same thing


If you put proper cables like 10 or 12AWG you wont have any problems with heat

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Oh youre right :roll_eyes: thank you very much

I dont have any problems with heats but you are right ohms law is cool.

Did you mean stay around 10s?

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10s is good for dependability. 12s is more for cutting edge performance but can be hard on electronics and motors.

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10S @ 4.2V = 42V 12S @ 4.2V = 50.2V

VESC can handle Voltage up to 60V - BUT better stay at 12S because that would be the Voltage Spike Cutoff Limit of the VESC.

I just wanted to say if you go high voltage, stay at 12S DO NOT try 13S or whatever, just because the VESC CAN handle 60V.

More Power = More Heat - simple as that

If personally think 10S ist the best, the 12S is just the little push to the edge that is not necessary

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@Acidfie @Namasaki I will propably make a 10s6p with the LG INR18650HG2 (max discharge 20A) so I have enought power and mAh

Thanks for clarifying. I agree with your preference for 10s. I ran 12s on my first 2 builds and had problems with heat in the motors and electronics.


Oh okay another reason to go with a 10s

easier to find inexpensive chargers for 10s

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Take a look at the Samsung 30Q. It currently seems to be the most popular cell for battery packs here.

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Yes I will take a look, thank you very much