36v 16ah lifepo4 electric skateboard battery 36+ mile range

From my facebook feed this is exciting to hear.

What is it? The link takes me to a post about some dudes belt breaking?

It’s about a 32 mile ride a guy just did on a single charge on a metro board. You have to look at the map and read the comments. The link works for me.

Ok. Yeah that’s what I read about. I just wasn’t sure as your topic title was fairly vague.

Do you know what battery it is? Its a huge range!

I changed the title to help people find out about this epic battery!..

Okay, yeah I wasn’t sure how to title it. That’s why you’re the king.

Whenever I’m not sure of a title i just use lots of keywords so search engines (and people) can find the topic easily.

I searched the “metroboard” site but couldn’t find this battery they they are talking about.

They are samples I guess. Llan say’s he has one left thats up for grabs.

Actually today I just got 41 miles range out of that epic battery! Mostly flat riding today tho…but a good reference to have.

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That is awesome! What what type of mileage could you get going 25mph?

Yeah what is your average speed during this length of trip? Have you ever attached a watt meter to see peak amp draws? Or get an idea of avg amp draw.

3 hours, 41miles is roughly 13mph right?

No idea of the average current draw, at this time. 3hrs is a rough ride time estimate, I wasn’t timing the ride very well, really just wanted to check max distance over an average type of ride and not go full speed all the time. Also some people wanted me to stop and talk, and took a couple short breaks, etc. so maybe it was closer to 2.75hrs total time on the board. I’ll check that on upcoming rides. These ‘40 mile’ boards are something I asked if Metroboard would make for me, I basically just buy them and ride them, but am more curious lately about the DIY side of things.

I have some friends with the new 20 mile metroboards and it’s apparent the 40 mile board is a tad faster on the flats, and it definitely has more grunt going up the hills. I can pass them on the hills and I weigh 70lbs more than one of the them.

I have been preaching this for months. Voltage sag is a real killer and large packs almost eliminate it if your pack is large enough.

Over here at Ollin HQ we are getting close to 50 miles on our fully loaded decks at 20 mph. Once you ride a board with this kind of range you never want to go back to low capacity packs and hot swapping.

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how does something with that many watt hours usually ship? by truck?

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Yes, by ground. You can ship internationally too, extra fee plus you need to take a class for certification. Non-removable batteries might be exempt from a lot of these regulations, something to do with the batteries not being able to become dislodged and shorting. The exemption was originally introduced for electronic tablets etc. More research is needed to see if we fit into this category.

I really do hope these regulations become more concise since the majority of incidents, if not all, have to do with unprotected Lipo packs.

Last i checked, and its been a while, anything under 300 what hours could ship UPS ground without a sticker, and anything over that needed an extra hazardous materials sticker (and some extra $$$), and basically nothing went on a plane. It has been more than a few months since I looked into all of that though, so things may have changed for the better. Also at that time FedEx and USPS wanted nothing to do with them as best as I could tell.

On a side note, The way I build my boards, the battery could easily be considered permanent. I hot-glue my packs into my boxes to suspend them in such a way as to keep them away from the vibrations of the board and also provide a little bit of air gap between the pack and the box in case the box does get punctured or cracked in some way.

I asked again at the local post office and if it is non removable it fits into a different set of regulations. Lipo, however, is a whole different ballgame. I am using 18650’s which have to pass international regulations for safety.

I just received a shipment from Hong Kong totalling over 1500 watt hours. It was opened for inspection and shipped by DHL. It was also handed off to USPS here in the states. No issues at all.

so the post office doesn’t want anything to do with LiPo even if it’s in a ‘non-removable’ situation? man that chemistry just has a terrible reputation. Good to know about li-ion 18650s though. This, among other things, is a good case for moving away from LiPo altogether.