36volt 10s2p pack 5.2AH Battery Packs New

I have 4 brand new 10s2p 18650 battery packs for sale $90 each shipped to any USA address. Comes with 2AMP charger that has fan to keep it cool. These packs worked really well on my Trampa board and should give you 7-8 miles per pack on 63mm motors and 10miles+ on 50mm motors. Double them up for more AMPS and longer range. Can include a converter Deans to XT60 if needed just let me know 40AMP pulse 13AMP constant according to manufacturer - I was running 4 sets of these on the Trampa 2 per motor (6374) and had VESC set at 60AMP’s, Recharge at 25AMPs and was able to accelerate hard without any battery sag until around the 20 mile mark. Great to extend range on any Meepo or Chinese knock off brand. Using these in a backpack and running a XT60 break away cable is an awesome way to ride.

Make a reasonable offer for all 4 and they are yours.


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I’ll take one!

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