37" Big tire Meepo clone for $474?

Anyone seen these? Looks to be a meepo clone with the 6" offroad wheels. Seems like a deal considering the motor and wheel/truck kits that I’ve seen cost more than this? Claims an 8.8AH battery as well?

More importantly it’s unisex…


Ahh man. I came here expecting to see 37" tires on a skateboard :joy:

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Not to bad really, Cool wheels, and it looks like their using caliber II clone trucks. If that’s true your have a lot of options if your motor mounts fail. When the esc fail upgrade to a focbox, and when the battery fails upgrade that. If your a light weight this board would likely work out well for you.

Are we sure this isn’t the 6s4p version…even the 10s2p would probably yield <5miles

Tried contacting seller, but of course they don’t know diddly about it. I’m assuming like most china suppliers they just copy the AD listing of the board they copied. Specs are pretty much identical to the WOWGO and MEEPO and appears to use the same cases and deck. I’d assume the same battery as well. Few other sellers selling what looks like the exact same thing I’ve put in questions to them but not gotten a reply.