37$ Nano Controller 2.4 GHz (EU Group Buy)

Price - $50 - $37 dollars if we manage to get 30 controllers

Delivery - From UK to EU Maybe USA if you are prepared to pay for your own shipping

Specs -

2.4Ghz Remote Controller for a DIY Electric Skateboard. 2 Channels ā€“ CH1 and CH2 3.7v 500mah Built-In Battery w/ USB Charging Port Wrist Strap 2.4ghz Remote Receiver

What You Receive - Controller + Receiver

Purchase Origin - CHINA

Purchase Quantity Aim - At Least 30

Payment - Paypal


Thanks for reading if you have any questions please just ask.

Also if you are a fan of the trigger style controller that would cost $30

You are responsible for paying your own shipping

There are also Winning Hub Motors that i might start selling here

@michichopf @Jamy



So that is 50e ? no extras ?

50e? I am not sure what you are asking

euro, 50 euro. no extra shipping/import duties costs ?

How does the 30$ one look like?

Yes its $50 or 45 Euros for the controller and receiver and basic shipping - if there any changes the price will be updated

dang, then iā€™m in as well. how many backers do we need for this to be true?

Its the same as this http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/33-bucks-small-group-buy-2-4ghz-mini-remote-trigger-style/7402

50 is the best number for the shipping costs 30 is minimum

This means it will cost 45ā‚¬? Cause 50$=45$

Yeah 50$ is 45 Euros

Are taxes included?

hahaha , sounds to good to be true right ?! lmao

How much taxes then?

What do you mean there has been other sales where the trigger was $30 and the Nano was $50.

Delivery is not included only sorry should of not said that. I thought you were from the UK for some reason

Depends on you country

Where are you from

Im from belgium

perhaps, probably before my time. Just glad to have found a rather cheap but still insanely good looking remote. Shipping from UK to Belgium, hmm about 10 to 15e i guess right ?

No because Belgium is in the EU, am i right?

Yup so no taxes or are there?