3d battery enclosure file for printing

I dont like the battery/vesc enclosure I made, so Id just print a good one of yours. Im sure other people would appreciate it as well!

I have a 6s system with 2x3s zippy 5000mah, but perhaps ill upgrade to 9s or 6s with 4zippies.


This is for my setup, using 2x 3s 8000mah zippy Maybe it will work for you ?

I also have a VESC cover:

Both are curved for my board… but use a heat gun after printing it, and press it to the correct shape of your deck


It looks great! Nice smooth finish… I think it might be a bit too large for my setup. I ll see what I can come up with and maybe tweak it a bit!

I can adjust them a little if you have specs, or send ipt files for inventor ?

The zippy 8000mah cells are HUGE