3D Designs for Motor Mounts

Hello all,

I was wondering since I don’t believe we have a specific area where we can post cad files for motor mounts. Please correct me if I am wrong, I have dug around and can only find the Enertion open source. But I am sure there are other posts for mount files. I will be making one if my dimensions are measured correctly, and will post here.

Rough Draft, NickNamed- The Infamous D. Dimensions in MilliMeters

May need to reconsider the initial angle of the clamp end to the trucks.


Check out @korryh’s thread on his motor mounts. He might be able to hook u up with files too

@ewalks6 I am gonna start cutting out one of the open source mounts that is on enertions website.

Turns out the scrap bin has a very long piece of plastic bar that looks really rigid. Not sure what material but it could be counter-top. Will see how it turns out. And it also just luckily happens to be the right thickness :slight_smile:.

Ok looks good. So that will fit caliber trucks?

Still working on it, but I have caliber raw trucks, not caliber2’s.

Ok thanks.

I decided to see how much the open-source mounts would cost to get CNC’d, turns out the first set will cost $75 for each piece of the 2 clamping parts. Then for the next set it will cost $45 each piece of the clamp… * :expressionless: *. Going to redesign some sharp corners and see how it works out then.

I found another website called Plethora, they are giving a $250 credit, will see how it works out.

Working on the motor plate piece.

Have you contacted Plethora? How does their 250 off thing work? Can’t find any details

So far. I downloaded their CAD add on for solidworks(they say it works for other programs, you gotta if yours is aupported). Installed the add on and it’s pretty Damn nicely built. It tells if the parts machineable gives very detailed error fix ups. And costs prices based first on the quantity and then based on how early you need it. I will submit a test file, maybe of one if my mounts, this last picture I uploaded will cost roughly 58-60 dollars. Will post pics shortly

Once you install that, ’ If you have Solid Works, the interface will look the same except one button on the right hand side.

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Hmmmm. I’I’ll have to give it a go

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that mount looks incredibly thin. you may want to beef it up a bit.

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When you say beef it up where specifically? I made the slot divided so it gives some rigidity.

What is the average distance for a motor mount from the axle to the shaft? I know belts are around ~250-270mm?

I plan to open source mine at some point when I have time, with a full blogpost.

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at this point i’m convinced the only 3d printed material that will work long term is carbon fiber mixed nylon. Normal nylon would be strong enough but too flexible

Copolyester at 100% fill is pretty strong. We tested a number of sets of motor mounts that lasted the distance.