3D files for Kegel pulley

After needing a new pulley for my Kegels, I designed my own 3D printable version with a support bearing, thus getting rid of the need for bolts and nuts. https://grabcad.com/library/kegel-pulley-htd5-42t-1 image image The design was inspired by @JuniorPotato93’s version on thingiverse. Personally I only needed a 42t version for 15mm belts so that is the only version right now. If there is a need for other sizes I might do them on request. Should fit all wheels with the same core as the kegels.

The bearing needs more space on the axle so you might need to remove some part of your truck - takes you 15min and a saw or dremel. Also use a 8mm spacer (whatever you can find really - I filed down some plastic tubing for mine) between inner wheel bearing and the pulley bearing.

Let me know what you think! I printed it in TPU95A and it works beautifully.


added a 36t version

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Small heads up: I printed it in PETG and the small protrusions broke off after braking the board downhill. Maybe my infill was too low but I will try to come up with a solution to make it more durable

Nice pulley. I usually print all my non-bolt pulleys in Nylon at 80% infill, minimum. Tried PETG also. Broke after 3 miles. :open_mouth:

which is why I did this this morning: image image image

TPU95 for the area in contact with the belt and PETG for the rest. Also reinforced “spokes” with M4 screws. Haven’t tried it yet though.

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Yeah looking at your original design I do not think those spokes would be strong enough even for nylon at 100%.

The bolts may also be a problem, there will be a lot of lateral force on those and they could just pull the plastic to the side.

Please be careful on those

What do you mean with the bolts? The spokes even held up quite well in 100% infill and only broke because it’s a single drive that I used to go up and down a 20% hill. The bolts will reinforce the spokes so it will be stronger than before