3D Printables for ESkate

Just made this one for TB enclosures.

Which material did you use when printing the mounts?

Motor mount was printed with XT-CF20 and Aprinta PETG XT-CF20 and both work great. Caliber mount was printed with Extrudr GreenTEC which is flexible enough to hold on to the truck.

Here are some 12v head and tail lights I created to fit caliber trucks (they may fit others).The headlights are designed to hold two 20mm oval lenses over the LEDs to create a nice spread on the ground that keeps the light out of the eyes of passersby. Both mounts house custom PCBs that are linked on each page.

Convert your non closed motor to a sealed motor

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Give your nano or winning controller some more throw!


floor stand for longboards

sixshooter pulley spacers


hey do you know what kind of screw do you use for your pulley cover? I’m sure that you’re using TorqueBoard motor mount and I own on but I can’t seem to find a screw that fits.

I honestly don’t. I’m using enertion cline motor mounts on one board and RIPBA motor mounts in all the others. I have some TB mounts at work, I’ll check tomorrow and see if u can figure it out.


The TB mount cover is for 60mm mounts, right?

NVM, checked the comments on thingiverse.

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Wow so awesome for sharing this to people your freaking great for this. Would be cool to use some of these stuff. There’s a play not far from me out in Sacramento I hear there’s a place that allows people to use their 3d printer(I’m sure for a small fee) and these would be so dope to use. Thank you :pray:t4: Also everyone that shares as well. On those belt covers, they wouldn’t work with 100mm all terrain wheels ?

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Sharing the parts I have printed and that still works after a lot of use. Everything printed in PETG from Prima select.

Battery enclosure for 2x5s lipos:

Pulley cover for old (c-clamp style) TB mount:

Vesc enclosure:

Voltmeter enclosure:


Hope someone finds this useful :slight_smile:


grizzly or polar?


I honestly don’t know. I ended up preferring not to use belt covers so I’ve never tried them. I could prolly extend the cutouts to work with 100mm wheels, I’ll look at it Monday when I get back to work.

As long as it’s not domestic I’m good :grinning:

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That’ll be awesome. Hows those 40t flywheels ? Any good with those ?

If you have any of the TorqueBoards (DIYElectricSkateboard) enclosures, there are pre-made holes that you might not want/need. I’ve designed these parts that you can print and use to cover the holes. Just use some acetone or epoxy and clamp them on good until dry. And you’ll have bit more water-resistant board :slight_smile:



I made this to house everything on the nose of my board. A bit clunky but keeps it all tidy.